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Response to The Infinite Variability of a Moment by Juliette Pénélope

Quoting the phenomenon

Becoming through the side view of the self "imagized" by a mirror

Fakeness in the out-of-mirror blur

Brought back to the reality by a fly

Pixelation of nature

Disturbed by the fly


The fly will always be there to disturb

A zen stone, who doesn't care about us

imaging it

Passive like

Disturbed by historical symbols/ axioms

Images made by the moderns fixed onto 

careless nature (without personification)

fake similitude of a rendered countryside 

is it love or violence, is it obvious

The disappearance of unwanted species

A passer by

A craftsanimal labour

The craft doesn't belong to us solely

in details

non violent elevation

organic span of precarious urbanism

Well being appears on the right side

affection on the left

looked away

A familial mimicry

A group in preparation

Isolation results from special effects

isolation and rest

augmented contemplation is a lur 


neoliberal rhythms slowed down

Durational facism

Captures of unseenable textures at normal


A fox becoming Bambi

Mainstream pareidolia

is it tragic

dying slow becoming texture

I find it close to sublime

like the disappearance of locomotion

Loco in spanish means insane 


Silence of the end

Disturbed by nostalgia

A common struggle between sublime and

the morbitdity of historical realism

war and post-war conflated

credits to the human

non-named as demi-gods

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